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The Jumproom
2015, light fitting and drawings - fragment of ongoing project


Out of the Cradle Endlessly Rocking
2015, documentation of performance - a collaboration with Siôn Parkinson



Childe of Hale
2014, 25min video - text here


Multiplexing (Acinema)
2014, 9min video, part of LUX AAP final project 'Multiplexing'


New Theme Song
2013, 6min video, part of '31,838 feet from the wreck', with Dave Charlesworth and Focal Point Gallery



31,838 feet from the wreck
2013, map-format publication with Dave Charlesworth and Focal Point Gallery



A Time to Love and a Time to Die
looped animation with sound




The Beating of Vast Wings!
2012, clip from 16min video with sound

The Bear Pit
installation at Oriel Sycharth Gallery
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Posters: 51. Theatre poster, Bucharest, Romania and 50. Dorset Cereals slogan
in front of Dreamland, Margate, for 'Circuit' 2011




2010, clip from 21min video

Posters installed in 'Kam Lee and the Second Look', 2010
Installation for the new Dalston Library with Siôn Parkinson, Ed Atkins and Rose Lejeune
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Terminator 2008
2010, clip from 27min video